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Rocky Heights staff have built a learning community where relationships & partnerships are valued and built between staff, community and parents to ensure student success and achievement. Opportunities to share, plan, and participate together are the norm. There is a commitment to the shared vision, beliefs and guiding principles and a desire for continuous improvement. Interactions are characterized by open/honest communication, interactive problem solving, a focus on the positive, mutual respect, trust, professionalism, caring, and collaboration.

Many volunteer opportunities exist at Rocky Heights. Volunteers work in a variety of capacities, from clerical support to the classroom to special events and activities. If you would like to volunteer or go on field trips with your child’s class you will need to come into the office and fill out a Volunteer/Background Check application. It only takes a few minutes to fill out the applications, you will need to supply your Oregon Driver’s license number. It takes approximately 2 weeks to process your application through the State of Oregon. Parents are encouraged to fill one out when their child begins Kindergarten. Don’t wait, you might miss out on an opportunity to accompany your child on a fun-filled activity!

For more information, please call the school at (541) 667-6600!