RH redesigns student drop off/pick-up location

Hello Rocky Heights’ Parents and Families,

Over the past two years, we have received a lot of feedback from the community regarding concerns with student safety during pick-up and drop-off in the morning. Our number one goal here at Rocky Heights is to ensure students are safe and it is to that end that we are writing this notice to share some important information on how we plan to address this.

For those folks who drop off students in the morning on the west side of the school in the bus lane, you may recall we added cones and blocked off part of the bus lane to prevent traffic moving alongside cars when students are exiting. This has made that morning drop-off location much more safe and efficient for students and parents.

Now we are looking to tackle efficiency and safety in our main parking lot on the Southeast side of the building. Tentatively starting on October 30 we will have a new system for student pick-up and drop-off in this parking lot. New lines are being painted on October 27th (weather permitting) to clearly delineate how this will occur. Please refer to the map below for specifics.

I know this will be an adjustment for many. In order to support the community with this change, we will have extra staff in the parking lot before and after school for the first several days to ensure a successful transition. I want to thank those community members for sharing their concerns regarding student safety. Please don’t hesitate to continue providing us with feedback on how to make our student pick-up and drop-off as safe and efficient as possible.